Photonics is the branch of physics that studies light. It covers the generation, transmission and use of light.

Light-based technologies are distinguished by their speed, precision, and power. Unlike electrons, photons (light particles) have properties such as colour, polarisation, and directionality. Versatile characteristics for the development of innovative products. From lasers to light-emitting diodes (LEDs), innovations in photonics are gradually replacing older technologies.

Quantum is the branch of physics that focuses on the atomic level of things. Photonics and quantum are intrinsically linked. Today’s quantum technologies could not exist without photonics, thus finding itself at the heart of the next technological advances!

State-of-the-art expertiseand services

Photonics enables the development of new solutions and technologies
in different sectors, where today’s technology becomes saturated.


  • Image acquisition and processing (cameras, software and image processing, artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality) 
  • Control and use of lighting, laser and other coherent sources 
  • Interferometry, spectroscopy and chemistry 
  • Microfabrication, MEMS, printable photonics and packaging 
  • Guided optics and optical fibres 
  • Optomechanics

Products and software developed

  • Imaging system cameras and sensor arrays 
  • Sensors 
  • Optical components 
  • Electronics and microelectronics 
  • Lasers and laser systems (e.g. Lidar) 
  • LEDs, displays and other light sources 
  • Software and signal processing 
  • Test and measurement equipment 
  • Optical fibres

Multiples business opportunities

Because of its cross-sectoral and enabling nature, photonics contributes to the competitiveness of a multitude of sectors and thus to their economic spin-offs in Quebec. In terms of fields of application, photonics is integrated into a multitude of economic sectors, which makes it a driving force for the development and modernization of the Quebec economy.

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